Spekter Nootropic Supplement By Alex Becker – What You Need To Know

Spekter Nootropic Supplement By Alex Becker – What You Need To Know

Have you ever taken nootropics only to be left wondering why things didn’t work out as expected? Well, if Alex Becker’s word is anything to go by, most nootropics on the market are designed to attack the symptoms instead of the cause. Alex Becker is a renowned techpreneur who is reputed for innovating some cutting-edge marketing tactics. His soon-to-be-launched product goes by the name of Spekter and it promises to dwarf what other famed nootropics have been doing. But what is Spekter and how does it promise to work?

Spekter Pre-Launch Review

First off, the brand of Spekter will bring together four products: antiaging supplement (AG-01), cognitive enhancement (XT-01), absorption enhancement formula (GT-07) and lastly a cleansing formula.

Clearly, the XT-01 and GT-07 are the main nootropics within this package. As it turns out, Alex Becker did not do this job alone. He worked closely with Dr. Uhuru Smith, a scholar from the University of Pennsylvania and an alumnus of Georgetown University School of Medicine. Matt Ganzak is yet another of the brains behind the much-awaited Spekter – he prefers to describe himself as a disruptive innovator.

Alex is from Texas while Dr. Uhuru and Matt are from Florida. So if you have been wondering if Spketer is made in America or not, there goes your answer.

How Spekter Is Believed To Work

Not much information is available about this nootropic so far but from what we could gather, it works by breaking the “blood-brain” barrier to maximize nootropic delivery. Other perceived benefits include:

* Optimizing the gut
* Increasing natural energy with no crash causing stimulants
* Promoting “zen-like” focus by improving nutrients delivery to your brain
* Enhancing body counter-stress abilities

Put simply, the Spekter nootropic aims to remedy brain lag, drowsiness and lack of focus. So if you feel you are lacking in those areas, then this is really something worth looking forward to.

According to Alex, the product will be ready for shipping from late January 2018.

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